You are not at all like your counterpart. You are full of pride and refuse to let anyone control you unless they have earned your respect. You do not mind killing and hurting others and you also would mind eating someone if you wanted to. Blood has always tasted sweet to you.
For anyone to earn your respect it is very hard as you believe you are better than everyone. You didn’t want to look like normal Trickster John so you changed your clothes a bit (a lot). You actually are really afraid of being alone, so you will never try and kill your counterpart because you are still together as one. You can hear each other thoughts and feelings even if you live apart from each other.
You seem to have a better understanding of your counterpart than the other shadows.


Midgard The Snake: Trick’s pet snake. Hurt it and he will hurt you.

Puppet John: A friend, but you don’t really talk them too much. You don’t think they like you too much. They left you alone, you can’t fine them anymore. You miss them a lot. You and your mun will never stop missing them.

Puppet Dave: You had a crush on this Dave but you given up really being able to have him. You want to just keep him somewhat happy but you really aren’t good at that. You can’t figure out your emotions with them at all. They leave you alone a lot as well, you miss them so much sometimes. You reblog bridges for them.

thewhimsicaltrickster:  You love them, so much. Even just being around them makes you feel better. When around your love you are a very sweet shadow. You reblog bunnies for them.

turngoddeadhead: Your kismesis. You just want to bite him, a lot. You have respect for him, and enjoy how he is one of the few who can hold you down. You reblog apples for them sometimes. 

golgothasundead: A friend, that you oddly care about. In your own odd way.  They forgot about you. So you haven’t been around them.

golgothastimeless : Jam. You don’t understand how you feel for him. Sometimes you think it may be a pale feeling but you feel as its not the same for him. So you don’t say anything. As of right now you aren’t trying to talk to him. Even if you want to.

You are a monster, and all you want to do is kill. So all should avoid the shadows or darkness if they don’t want to be killed or harmed.

This is what you look like when you are a monster. ( drawing done by my wonderful friend (who is the puppet Dave) while I colored it. ) You have to stay in the dark so you can keep healing even though you never stop losing your white blood. Your claws are prefect for tearing into people or anything at all that gets close to you. Your tails can hold the lollipop’s that you use as a weapon when you feel the need to. Otherwise you can use the one that isn’t showing bone to slap at people behind you. The lollipop on your head is your weakest point, but good luck getting to it. Don’t try sneaking by, as you notice everything. You best bet is to run or fly away, as you are a bit slow. Stay in the light and you will be mostly safe from this beast, yet do not stay around during the night.

You look like this as a human. Your eyes are yellow, and glow slightly in the dark.


( by golgothastimeless I love itttt)